2. Photoshop: Stamp Effect

The Stamp Effect gives type or a logo a vintage stamped look. This effect could work well for wedding invitations, thank you cards etc.

The tutorial I used was from SpoonGraphics.com, a popular blogging website. This tutorial includes several ways to create a stamped-effect in both Photoshop and Illustrator.


To me, the easiest way to create this effect is through Photoshop:

  1. Add your artwork
  2. Make it black
  3. Add a layer mask
  4. Option + Click the mask
  5. Paste a stamp textured artwork copied from the web onto the mask
  6. Command + I (invert) the layer to see effect
  7. Filter > Distort > Ripple to add a ragged edge

I tried out this tutorial on the McDonald’s logo for fun. I thought it would be interesting to see a sleek, modern, clean-cut brand in a vintage light!

Original photo:


Stamped version:


If I ever use this tutorial in the future I will probably need to learn the Illustrator method so I can be sure to have a fully-scalable piece of vector artwork. I would also be more picky about the stamp-texture I use… there are several stamp textures to be found and different looks to be achieved!

For fun, here’s an actual vintage McDonald’s ad. Looks just like my stamped version, right!? Not quite.





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